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Open Letter to the Democratic Party

July 4, 2022

Today is the Fourth of July. A day that is supposed to remind us of our independence and freedoms that the founding fathers imagined and defined. Sadly, the current state of the Union is not something to celebrate. Even as I write this there has been another mass shooting.

In a few weeks, I will reach my seventy-fifth year. I have voted in every election since I was twenty-one and always Democratic. Over the years I have donated to the Democratic Party as best I could, hoping my vote and contributions might make a difference. Today, I question if either have done any good.

For the last forty years the Republican Party has openly and methodically, step by step, put in place the things necessary to accomplish their agenda. This includes not only politicians on the state and federal levels, but judges throughout the judicial system, and most recently the Supreme Court.

While they have been diligently at work, the Democratic Party has been asleep. Over the years despite having the majority in the House and Senate, several times, there has been nothing to counter the Republicans.

The best example of this is the current status of abortion. The Supreme Court leaked weeks ago, and the Republicans have been saying for years, what they were going to do and nothing was done to counter their move. Now that the decision has been made, all we hear from Democrats is our best action is to vote. Well, we have been doing that and it has made zero difference.

Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” This is a great platitude, but every time we think the Republicans can’t go any lower, they do and the moral high ground gets cut from underneath us. No, we do not need to lie and cheat as they have but we could be taking action that would make a difference.

For example, why are we not making AR-15s a Class 3 firearm? That would solve a multitude of problems in controlling their sale and who owns them. Why are we not investigating who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s mortgage? Why are we not more actively prosecuting those that have lied to Congress or refuse to honor a subpoena? Why are we not passing laws to ensure abortion access to those that need it? Why are we allowing cities to try and survive without clean water?

The list of what is not being done is too long for this blog, but I’m sure you get the point. The average American goes to work every day, pays their taxes, and relies on their representatives in Congress to protect their right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Republican Party is actively working against those principles and the Democratic Party stands to the side as if their hands were tied behind their backs letting our very democracy come into question.

When did the Democratic Party become a party of cowards? You swore an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, and you have failed this country.

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