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M.A.G.A.: Making America Go Awry

April 1, 2019

The past two years have been great fodder for comedians like Stephen Colbert and shows like Saturday Night Live. For those of us who enjoy satire the past two years have been the mother lode. I have written several poems and blogs about the chaos our current president has caused and also some about current issues. Some of these were tongue-in-cheek, some serious.

I have put some of my best, and some new material, in a book by the same title as this blog. The description is–

MakingAmericaGoAwryTwitter  Ever wonder what Trump will put in his letter to his successor?

Are you ready for the New Pledge of Allegiance?

Did God put Trump in office? Is Democracy dead?

With a mix of humor and some facts, this collection looks at the last two years and the political upheaval our nation has faced.

The intention is to make you laugh, possibly weep, and hopefully think.

You can grab a copy from Amazon

Let me know what you think!.

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