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An Open Letter To Kamala Harris

February 16, 2019

Dear Senator Harris:

First, let me say you would make a great president. Your intellect, demeanor, and political savvy would not only be a refreshing change to the current occupant but would serve you and this country well in your two terms. In a field that is getting crowded, you are my number one pick for the office of President of the United States.

Second, if I can be so bold, is a small bit of advice, if you are planning to rise above the crowd and take your seat in the Oval Office. Having heard you speak, both in interviews and in Senate hearings, there is one thing you need to change if you are to convince the nation you are the best candidate.

When you speak or answer questions there is no doubt as to your grasp of the facts or your stand on issues. The problem, one which Hillary Clinton had, is that you sound like a politician reciting talking points. I do not doubt you believe what you are saying, but there isn’t passion behind your responses, they do not sound as if they are coming from your heart.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is an example of what I am talking about. She comes across as genuine, passionate, and heartfelt. Watch an interview with her and see what I mean. Another example is Chris Christie. While I may not agree with most of what he says, he too sounds like he is speaking from his heart.

Third and last, is that having heard your interviews, you, sometimes, fall into the trap of not answering the question. In a recent town hall, you were asked about solutions to DACA protection, and your answer talked about the broken promise to the young people and their parents by the current administration, but not your solution. On the positive side, in that same town hall when asked about student loans you had specific answers to solve the problem. This for me is a big issue in that when any politician launches into a diatribe in response to a question, it makes me feel they are not listening and are just trying to push their agenda.

In her book, “Becoming”, Michelle Obama said she did not realize how stiff she was being until she saw clips of her speeches. She then went on to being herself and speaking more from heart. For you to pull in the nation to rally behind you, my hope is that you will do the same.

I am looking forward to 2020 when I can enter the voting booth, place an X next to your name and see you take over the office of the President of the United States.


Don Grant



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