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Trump’s Letter To His Successor

December 3, 2018

George Bush Sr. wrote a great letter to Clinton at the end of his term. We just discovered a draft of #45’s letter to his successor.

Dear Next President (who won because 5 million immigrants voted illegally),

When I walked into my office ,I realized I am the best President ever, no doubt, believe me. You will never be as great as me.

You will wish you were as great as me, but sadly, there is only one Donald and that would be me. I never felt alone here, because I was always with me, and who could ask for a better companion. Plus I had a direct line to my best buds Vladimir and Sean.

There will be many fake news stories about me and people who were not loyal (most of whom are now in jail).

My advice would be to listen to your gut. I know my gut knows more than my brain and I can hear my gut talk to me (especially after I eat Big Macs and fried chicken)

When you read this you will think I am gone, but not really, I will never leave, don’t tell anyone (especially Melania) but I am hiding in the Blue Room which I am painting gold.

You will never be as successful as me, so sad.

Good luck with that umbrella

DJT (the best president ever)

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