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We Have Forgotten

September 11, 2018



Today is September 11, 2018. If you have been on Facebook, Twitter, other social media, or god forbid, read a newspaper, you have probably seen the remembrance of 9/11/01 with the slogan, “We will never forget”.  The only problem with that is we have.

When the two planes struck the towers at the World Trade Center, and we heard the news of the third plane going down in Pennsylvania, and the plane hitting the Pentagon, the country for a short time was united. We grieved for the loss of life,  we were outraged that America had been attacked, we turned to each other for comfort, strangers shared emotions and racial lines blurred. We wanted to know who was responsible and we wanted to avenge the deaths of so many.

Our emotions blinded us into believing the government when we were asked to go to war. So once again we sent sons and daughters into battle. The world stood by us and joined in the fight for retribution. Little did we know, that like Vietnam, we were being duped. The weapons of mass destruction were non-existent and we found ourselves in a quagmire that continues even today.

The event that brought us together has been forgotten. Our nation is divided more than it ever was. The world no longer looks to us for leadership. Our government is failing on so many levels. And we have a narcissistic moron in the White House.

Hatred, bigotry, racism, and division are worse than ever. Actually, that is not true. They are simply more obvious and blatant. Fueled by the rhetoric of an ignorant con man, groups and individuals who lurked in the shadows or under rocks have come out in the open. They spew hatred and division as much as they can. People are openly disrespecting each other based on skin color, accent, or for just being different.

Even the definition of what is an American patriot has dissolved into whether or not one kneels for the national anthem. A nation built on debate, compromise, and unity has become a nation of bitterly divided opinion, lack of respect for each other, and unwillingness to compromise. We have forgotten.

September 11, 2001 brought out the best in the people of this nation. It is sad that only a short time after we are seeing the worst.



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  1. David Hall permalink
    September 11, 2018 8:10 pm

    Well said dear Mr. Grant. I remember clear as day, after 9/11, when everyone wore tee shirts with “United We Stand”. We were all together and you could feel the palpable energy that made us know, together, united as a nation, we could accomplish anything. If Bush had declared that we were going to be energy independent from all OPEC oil and told all of Arabia to stick it, we would have made it work. Instead, he (Bush) squandered that energy into a useless war that yes, still to this day continues. Since the squandering of that united energy we have become so divided that we now call each other the enemy!

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