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On The Eve of Destruction

January 19, 2017

Twas the night before the inauguration, and in almost every house
People were asking themselves, “Who elected this louse?”
Those who had been insured through Obamacare
Were worried it would no longer be there.

The children were terrified, their parents afraid,
Bills were piling up, there were debts to be paid.
They knew the rich would be the only ones to see,
The tax breaks that had been promised to you and to me.

Everyone began to realize the lies that had been told,
A bill of goods we all had been sold.
There was never an intention of draining the swamp,
The “make us great” had all been pomp.

The reigns were being passed from one with class
To a narcissist who is totally crass.
A misogynist, a con-man, a bore,
One who may cause a nuclear war.

The furhrer had gathered his cabinet,
Although they hadn’t been approved just yet.
There was Tillerson, Zinke and Sessions.
Chao, Puzder and Carson,
Mnuchin, Shulkin, and McMahon,
Pruitt, Mulvaney, and Haley,
And let us not forget who brings up the rear,
Trade representative, Robert Lighthizer.

So as darkness fell awaiting the dawn.
We all laid awake, not even a yawn.
The next four years were full of doubt,
A buffoon is our president, only one way out.

So prayers are lifted hoping to God to reach,
Our only hope is for Congress to impeach.
So to all on the left or the right,
Sleep well, have a good night!

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