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A Conversation With My Cat

October 6, 2014












My cat’s name is Isis.  Due to the recent publicity and negativity about that name I had a conversation with her.


Me: So, Isis, have you seen today’s paper?

Isis: Meow, meow, meow!

(Oops, sorry, I forgot to turn on the Feline to English translator.  Let’s start again.)

Me: So, Isis, have you seen today’s paper?

Isis: I played with the rubber band around it, why?

Me: Well, if you had read it, there is an article about ISIS.

Isis: Oh!  Did I make the paper?

Me: No, no, not you.  The terrorist group known as ISIS that is beheading people.

Isis:  Hey, I get upset when you don’t clean my litter box, but I wouldn’t bite your head off!

Me:  You are missing the point.  This is a serious group that hates any non Muslim.  The problem is there are over 270 products, services or businesses with the name Isis, not to mention you.  Because of the terrorist, some companies are changing their names.  Should we change your name?

Isis:  Change my name!!  How stupid can people be?  I am a cat for crying out loud.

Me:  Well, you are right people can be stupid.  It seems people are harassing the owner of a bridal shop because the stores name is “Isis Bridal and Formal”.  The company Isis Wallet changed their name to Softcard.  Maybe we should change your name.

Isis:  No way!  I am named after the Egyptian goddess.  The goddess of nature and magic.  My name means throne and as you know I am the queen of this house.

Me:  Yea, I know you are.  But what if the NSA is bugging our house and they hear me call “Isis”?  Or maybe one of their drones is flying overhead and they hear me calling you?

Isis:  First, I have no idea what the NSA is, nor do I care.  Second, I am not about to change my name to something stupid like Fluffy or Boots.  So no, I am not changing my name.

Me:  Okay, but let’s hope one of our neighbors isn’t a fundamentalist, right wing, flag waving nut case who might shoot me for thinking I am pro ISIS.

Isis:  And you people wonder why we cats feel superior?  Enough of this, my bowl needs refilling by the way.



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