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A Little Help From Above?

June 23, 2014

One of the many things my wife and I have in common is decision making.  It doesn’t take us long to decide on anything as we usually know what we want or can quickly make a choice given options.  The beauty of this is also that we most always agree with whichever one of us speaks first about a choice.

This allows us to move quickly where many might linger in anguish about what to do.   Shopping is a good example, as we both hate it.  If needing new clothes or shoes or just about anything else we are like Navy seals on a mission.  We move in quickly, grab what we came for, and extract ourselves even faster.

Our quickness in decision making does have one drawback.  We get impatient when we can’t do things at a speed we would prefer and when something to be decided is out of our hands, our patience gets tested fairly quick.   The most recent example of this was in buying a new house and selling ours.

We had made a rather fast decision to put our home up for sale and look for a house near the ocean.  Getting our house ready took some time as we had to get an agent, go through the inspection and disclosure process, and do all that was asked of us to “stage” our home for an open house.  Having done all of that we began to look at areas where we might want to be that were close, as in walking distance, to the ocean.   On our second trip trying to get ideas, we found the house we wanted.   Boom, we put out an offer, and now just needed to sell ours.

Here is where the trauma began.  After two open houses and multitudes of people traipsing through our house, we had some interest but no serious buyers.  Our agent would tell us how people were confused by our floor plan, or that they thought is was a charming home but just not what they were looking for.  Disclosure packets were sent to a few agents but nothing was happening.  The clock was ticking as we had made an offer on what we felt was the perfect “beach house” for us, but we were running out of time to lock in a buyer.

One evening, sitting in our living room, feeling down and frustrated that we might never sell, a car pulled up in front of our house.  Now you need to know that if someone wanted to see the house other than the times of the open houses, they were to go through an agent who would set up an appointment to show the house.   Two men came to our door and asked if they could see the house, and apologized for just “dropping by”.  Not wanting to discourage a possible buyer we said sure

Neither one was an agent, but one of them said they had been at the open house.   They introduced themselves and asked if we could give them a tour.  As we talked and walked through the house, one commented on the many Egyptian objects we have and told us he was from Egypt.  The other on seeing my library of seminary books, said he was studying for a degree in religion and hoped we might have time in the future for a good discussion.  In checking out our floor plan, which is an unusual layout, they said it would work perfectly for what they needed.  We talked for a good hour and found out both of them actually like Scotch, which my wife and I are known to like also.

They said they needed to talk with the two other people who would be living here. I gave them my cell number and said even if they don’t buy we need to stay in touch.  As they were leaving one of them said, “Don’t accept an offer til you hear from us”.

In that short hour my wife and I went from depression to excitement and a re-energized belief our house would sell, and soon we would be walking on the beach, a short distance from our new home!

We never heard from these two again, and realized after they had left they did not give us their number.  But we were now confident that everything was going to work out.  Which about five days later it did when the perfect buyers made the perfect offer and we are now just waiting for the final close so we can move.   photo

Who were the two men that came to our door?  Why when we were on the verge of giving up did they show up?  Why was it that everything we enjoy or relate to: Egyptian things, my seminary background, good Scotch – they appreciated.  Why did they not get back in touch even if just for a drink?

We have concluded that they must have been angels sent to just let us know, “Hey, chill, it will all work out, some decisions just take longer”!!


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