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Geez, Learn to drive!!!!

February 12, 2011

For the past ten years I have worked Monday through Friday, pretty much from 6am to 5pm.  My driving has been on the early side of the commute hours and mostly going the opposite way of the heavy traffic.  As such, I am used to moving around 65 to 70 mph with drivers who are also comfortable in moderately heavy traffic and those speeds.  Except for the occasional idiot, most drivers are adept at moving between lanes, keeping up with the flow of traffic, and generally react fairly quickly to any changes that can occur.  So one could say I am a little spoiled in not having to deal with bad drivers.

This all changed when my work schedule was altered and I am now on a rotation.  The negative side is I now work two Saturdays out of three, but on the positive side every third week I have five days off.  I have also gone from working about twenty days per month to only working sixteen.  This means that I have days off during the week when most people are at work.  This is good in that I can do a lot of personal business without taking time off work like I used to have to do.  The negative is that I am on the road with people who obviously have never learned to drive.

These morons will be doing 10 to 15 mph less than the speed limit, and I guess since they aren’t working have no reason to speed up, after all they have all day.  They have never learned to use a turn signal, or if they do it is as they are turning which is just a tad late since it is now obvious.  Drivers will change lanes abruptly, and if you are next to them it is only your quick response to get out of the way that saves you  from a collision.  One of the scariest is when a driver comes out of a side street at about 10 mph, doesn’t look to the side, then pulls out turning not into the right lane, but the outside lane, the one you started to swerve into to avoid hitting them.

If any of these people were on the road during commute time, they would be dead.  Never thought I would long for bumper to bumper traffic at 60mph, but at least there I know I am safe!!

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