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To Golf or Grapple

September 19, 2010

Golf is a game I really enjoy.  Every Sunday, weather permitting, my wife and I play a short nine hole course as the sun is rising.  Normally, we are the first ones out and don’t see another soul until we are just about finished.  It is like having our own private course.  At that time of the morning it is serene, peaceful, and very calming.  This is usually the case.

This Sunday was different.  We were the third group out and had two foursomes in front of us.  It seems the later the sun comes up the more people show up to get in a quick nine holes.  The group immediately in front of us teed off and we could tell right away they were going to be slow players.  As they were finishing putting my wife decided to tee off and put a little pressure on them hoping to get them moving a little faster.  As she hit one of the foursome was still coming across the green having left his clubs on the wrong side of the green.

Normally, my wife would not hit all the way to the green but this time she hit a great shot and came about twenty feet short.  I then teed off landing on the green.  The guy who had just left came back  to the edge of the green and yelled, “Hey, wait til we are off the fucking green before you tee off”.  As we got to the green they were still teeing off from the second hole.  No one said anything, we didn’t apologize and the rest of the day had us waiting patiently as they continued to play slowly.  The foursome in front of them finished about the time these guys were on the fifth hole.

One of my fears as a male is will I be able to protect my family if threatened.  I happen to be married to a woman who will confront anyone if she thinks they are doing something wrong.  Usually this is a person who cuts to the head of a line, like in a store when a new cashier opens and says “Next in line”, and some one cuts in front of who was actually next.  I keep saying to her one of these days you’re going to get me in a confrontation.

Rather than confront the loud mouth this morning, I chose to ignore it and acquiesce to their slow play.  I tried to explain to my wife that since there were four guys and I was one that I didn’t want to get my ass kicked and would rather just enjoy the day. Throughout my life I have tried to use my intellect to diffuse a tense situation and have only had one fight and that was in seventh grade.

In retrospect, I should have said something like, “Hey, you weren’t in any danger of being hit and I don’t appreciate the language”.  But I didn’t.

So I guess my question is  have you been in a situation like this and what did you do, or if you are a female what would you want the male to do?  Feeling a little bit emasculated.

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