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Space-The Final Frontier

May 23, 2010

You’re walking down a sidewalk with your spouse, there is room for four people, three people are coming at you, who moves over?  What is it that makes some people feel they aren’t the ones who have to move?  This is a pet peeve of my wife and one day I may have to defend her when she chooses not to move and bumps into someone.  You see we tend to be the ones who always move.  Somebody has to adjust because there isn’t enough space.

We all get caught up about space.  Whether its wall space, cupboard space, shelf space, parking space, or personal space.  We worry about running out of space, we tell people “you’re in my space”, or “move over, you’re taking up too much space”.

We don’t like people getting into our personal space.  It is irritating when people talk to you and stand too close.  Like the lyrics from the song by The Police, Don’t Stand So Close To Me.  Or when you are in line at a store and the person behind you bumps you with their cart.  We even think some spaces are ours when they really are not.  Like the space in front of your house when someone you don’t know parks there.

That is another space problem, parking.  We not only get upset at the car in front of our house, but what if you see a parking space and someone else pulls into it.  Rage and fury come to mind, and sometimes murder.  How much time do we spend searching and circling for a parking space?  How often do you arrive someplace early just to get a good parking space?

When we are driving we like to protect our space.  We don’t want someone to cut in front of us so we ignore the rule of leaving enough space between you and the car ahead of you.  When we see a motorcycle splitting lanes we, one, are jealous because they don’t need much space, and two, have to decide if we are going to move over and give them space.  Which is where I started, who moves over?

Space, there is never enough.  We hold garage sales to sell stuff cause we are out of space.  We buy bigger houses so we can have more space.  We worry about the world’s population and running out of space.  We explore outer space to find more space.

Oops, just noticed my word count, guess I am out of space.

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  1. September 9, 2010 5:14 pm

    While living in Singapore in 1997, I rode the MRT (Rapid Transit) a lot. Once, at a very rare moment, when I was the only person in a train car; the train stopped at the next station and only two people got on the train in my car. One of these people sat down right beside me. Not just right beside me but very, very close, beside me. I think that cured me of being protective of “my space”. the Chinese culture does not share the concept of “personal space”.

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