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Search and Seizure

March 21, 2010

It was Saturday night, around eleven p.m..  The siren woke me going “whoop”, then a pause,” whoop whoop”, another pause, a final “whoop”.  I drifted back to sleep.  Just under thirty minutes later, the sound of a helicopter made me open my eyes again.  Suddenly, our back yard was as bright as daylight, the light swept through our bedroom window illuminating the room.  I waved.

The helicopter kept circling shining a spotlight not only on our house and yard but methodically peering into each house in our neighborhood.  Obviously, they were searching for someone.  My wife and I were both up and watching from our second floor window.  Then, we thought of our daughter who would be coming home from work soon and I headed downstairs.  The Law of Attraction was at work because I no sooner got to the living room and she was pulling up in front of the house. I opened the front door and told her to get inside.  Whew!

We had just returned to our upstairs window when our daughter called up saying there was someone at the door.  Rushing down, I then could hear a banging on our door and a voice yelling, “Police!”  I opened the door and there was a cop saying they wanted to search our back yard with a police dog.  He asked if we had any pets, like a dog, back there.  I said no, we only have a turtle but she is inside.  He asked if there was anything that could hurt them back there.  I caught myself before I said only giant weeds that we haven’t had time to get to, so I just said no.

Rushing back upstairs we watched as a Rin Tin Tin look alike was let loose and began running around the yard.  Three cops followed.  One stopped and was shining his flashlight through our back door to the garage when he tried the knob and found it unlocked.  He called to the handler and they opened the door and sent the dog into the garage.

Now when you were young your mother may have told you, when you go out, to wear clean underwear, since you never know when you might be in an accident.  What she didn’t tell you is always keep your garage clean because you never know when the police may want to search it.   My wife was about to have a seizure worrying about what do they think if us with such a messy garage.  As I started to say, “I don’t think they care about that”, one of the cops came to the back door of the house and knocked.  Racing back down I opened the door, hoping the handler had control of his dog, and the cop asked if anyone lived in our shed.

Now to appreciate this you have to know that our shed is as big as some apartments and even is two story.  It is crammed full of stuff accumulated over many years of “lets not throw this out, we may need it someday”.  To enter is taking one’s life in one’s hands as things are precariously piled and even getting the door open is a challenge.

I said, “no”, so in went the dog.  Now my wife was really upset because if these guys thought the garage was bad, the shed was a disaster.  “Okay, mom, you forgot to warn us about this one too!”

After a few minutes the dog came out, the police left, and moved on to the next house.  We spent another half hour or so watching the dog roam the yards of our neighbors until finally things quieted down and we went to bed.

Did they catch the guy?  We may never know.  One thing is for certain, the next couple of weekends will be spent cleaning the garage and the shed, and oh yes, ridding the back yard of the killer weeds.  I wonder if a turtle can be trained to attack on command?

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