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Rich Man, Poor Man, or Them and Us

February 18, 2010

They sail on their yachts, we look for things on sale.

They play golf at Pebble Beach, we go to the beach, it’s free.

They live in houses, huge and extravagant, we struggle just to pay the rent.

They have maids, nanny’s, and gardeners, we pay our kids a penny a weed.

They drive BMW’s, Jaguar’s, or Porsche’s, we are lucky to have a Toyota Yaris.

They get millions for ruining companies, we get told your no longer needed.

They don’t have to worry about health care, we get told your no longer covered.

They don’t seem to feel guilty or sad, we don’t understand, we get mad.

They act as if they don’t even care, we stand and watch, to them we aren’t even there.

Is this the way it was meant to be, the have’s and have nots miles apart.

No, this is not how it should be, a revolution is about to start.

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  1. Betty permalink
    February 21, 2010 2:04 pm

    Our dividing line between the rich and middle class is growing. No longer are we just “comfortable.” As the baby boomers get older life becomes more of a struggle. Hopefully, we listened to our parents stories about the great depression and we can use some of their strategies. Maybe Saccharin will make a comback.

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