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Open Letter to Tiger Woods

January 10, 2010

You have now gone from a club of about 125 members to one of about 46 million.  From the exclusive group of the PGA to the massive membership of CHUMPS—cheating husbands until made public.  Where once you were compared to the all-time greats like Babe Ruth, Mohammad Ali, and Michael Jordan you have now joined the ranks of Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, Jimmy Swaggart, and Gary Hart.

Our question is “What in the hell were you thinking”?  You have to be the most famous face on the planet and somehow you thought no one would ever rat you out.  That somehow these women would never let the press in on your secret.  My understanding is that a tabloid was breaking the story of your infidelity and which caused the argument that led to your “accident”.  All your money and lawyers could not trump the public need for gossip and sensationalism.

I just read an article that talks about men in positions like yours who because of who they are do not have people around them who are going to say no, don’t do that.  The people around you were probably to eager to do whatever you asked and provide you with whatever you wanted.  It seems you also fell into the trap of I can do whatever I want I am Tiger Woods.

They say those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  I refer you to 2nd Samuel 11 and the story of King David and Bathsheba.  He was a boy wonder also who rose to the top and thought he could have anything he wanted including another man’s wife.  At least you didn’t kill anybody.  But even if you missed that story I am sure you were aware of what happened to Bill Clinton and Monica.  With all the stories of famous people getting caught recently what made you think you wouldn’t?

We, your public, your fans, your followers are a forgiving group.  When and we hope it is soon, you return to golf we will once again cheer as you win the majors and get ever closer to surpassing Jack.  Golf needs you back, we need you back, and you probably need to come back for your own sanity.

But, know this.  When you step back to the tee, be prepared for catcalls, boos, and general harassment.  The stands may not be as quiet as they were, the respect you once had is gone, and the pedestal that lifted you above everyone else has been smashed.  Trust will no longer be a word in our vocabulary, like a vase that has been broken and glued back, it will never be the same.

John Daly advised that you should surround yourself with your wife, your kids, and your mom and that he is available 24/7 if you want to talk.  Lets hope you take his advice and are able to reclaim your marriage.  Also know we are here and even after all the jokes and media hype we wish you the best!! Oh, and welcome to the human race.

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  1. drdongrant permalink*
    January 12, 2010 8:03 am

    time heals all wounds and the public is forgiving, only question is when he comes back not if

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