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New York, New York

June 7, 2009

Stay out of the parks. The people are rude. The cab drivers wil rip you off. The subways are filthy and dangerous. Every street at night is a field of dreams for muggers. These are just a few of the negative things one hears about the big Apple. Not true!!!!

We went to Manhatten, my first time as a real person, and found all the negative stories about New York to be entirely false. The people were friendly, helpful, reverent, and kind. The cab drivers were not only nice but one even apologized when a bus almost ran into us. As for getting a cab, one only had to raise an arm and magically a cab appeared. (Try that in San Francisco)

The parks were clean, actually the whole city seemed clean, and even in the notorious Central Park we felt safe. We even saw a turtle sunbathing on a rock in the lake

. Our hotel which was next to Bryant Park gave us an excellent view of business people reading, relaxing, catching rays, and generally enjoying the outdoors. What was interesting was on the weekends the grass area is off limits which gives the grass time to recover.

As for the subways, they were clean, easy to use, and the people seemed polite as we embarked with the crowd.

The theater area was vastly different from San Francisco for two reasons. One after the play let out about 10pm and we came outside it was actually warm, no jackets required. Even better was the absence of panhandlers, a given in the city by the bay.

The biggest asset was the food. It didn’t seem to matter where we ate, the food was incredible. Breakfast at “The Stage Door” or at “Le Pain” was outstanding, Even our hotel’s room service was great. Lunch at “The Tavern on the Green” or at “Bryant Park Grill” was delicious. Dinner at “Sardi’s” or at “Gaby’s” was delectable. But the highlite was little Italy. The main street is closed off to traffic at nite and there are more restuarants than you can fathom, all barking to get you to come in. We found a place that looked a little nicer than some and went in. Our waiter, Antonio, was old school and hleped us select not only an incredible wine but kept us entertained the entire evening. The place was called “Taormina” and had to be one of the best places I have ever been to.  Sadly, we have since learned they went out of business.

All in all, New York was an incredible place and I would live there in a heartbeat. There is an air of reality there that surpasses the loftiness of San Francisco. Maybe someday!!

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